How it works

How it Works

eFinancialModelers connects Freelancers with Project Sponsors (or Employers) via our website for taylor made Financial Modeling projects.

  • Our process is very simple and easy to understand.
  • For providing this marketplace and for operating an escrow solution till the project is delivered, we charge a 20% Commission on top of the stated bids received by Freelancers.

Here is how it works:

1. Project Sponsors and Freelancers both register on our website

2. They both enter a valid PayPal Account Email Address in their Profile

3. Project Sponsor creates a new project (Project Details) – Post a Project

The project details are entered via simple form.

4. Freelancers receive a notification if the project’s description matches their stated industries or skills of expertise. Freelancers can also search on our website for Financial Modeling projects they are interested in.


5. Freelancer submits a bid to the project(s) he is interested to work for

6. Project Sponsor awards the project to the desired Freelancer by accepting the relevant bid.

7. Project Sponsor pays upfront the full amount of the Project to eFinancialModels


8. As soon as the project is paid, the Freelancer starts to work. eFinancialModelers provides a private message system and a private workspace to exchange files and information.

9. Once the Project is delivered, Project Sponsor chooses “Finish”. Freelancer and Sponsor each receive a rating from each other. eFinancialModelers pays the project fee to the Freelancer and keeps the Commission.

10. In case Freelancer and Project Sponsor disagree on the deliverable, a dispute is opened when they press “Close” (Project Sponsor) or “Discontinue” (Freelancer) on top right. The admin team of eFinancialModelers will review the case and will settle the dispute with a final decision after hearing each party and their arguments.


See also our sister website, which offers a cost effective way to start your financial modeling project based on an industry template allowing you to save time and costs.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.