Freelancer rates start at ca. USD 50 per hour. Simply multiply the estimated number of hours which you believe the project will take by this hourly rate and you will receive a first estimate of the required budget. Freelancers will submit their bids based on their own estimate of the effort required which can be different from the project sponsor’s budget. The project sponsor is free to accept the bid or not.

Its important that the project sponsor clearly defines the project specifications and his expectations. A freelancer should only submit a bid if he believes he can deliver and address those.

In case the project sponsor and freelancer cannot agree on the deliverable at the end, they can open a dispute which will be settled with a final ruling by eFinancialModelers. If we believe that the project specifications where fairly set and the freelancer did not deliver, project sponsor will not have to pay. See also the Terms of Use.


Payments on eFinancialModelers need to be executed via PayPal for efficiency reasons. A PayPal account is required to register on our website. You can get a PayPal account here.

eFinancialModelers is a freelance market place to hire a skilled financial modeler to get your financial modeling projects done. Simply post your project, choose among the bids you receive and pay only once your project has been successfully delivered. See how it works here.