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Posted on June 6, 2017


Project Desciption

I need to create a financial model for a company in the medical services sector. Company operations will cover the following

1- Drugstores (chain of 14 stores)

2- Medical Clinics with one-day surgery

3- A hospital ( to be constructed with 120 beds)

4- Whole sale of generic medicine

Each sector will be a separate profit center, with a general management and shared corporate services.

Each sector should have its own independent assumptions and the whole model should be able to conduct sensitivity analysis

The model should produce IS, BS & CF statement in addition to a valuation section using

1-Discounting cash flow

2- Different Multiples valuation

3-  average matrix for the above


Hospital, Retail

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Manikandan Rajagopal

Financial Modeling Consultant


6 year(s) experience

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in 14 days

Hi Yasser,
I am Manikandan with 6 years of experience in Financial Modelling and Business Consulting. I have worked across 50+ financial models and detailed feasibility studies across multiple industry verticals and in Healthcare Sector, I have been part of 20+ Financial models for setting up both hospitals and medical centers of different scale in Middle East.
Looking forward to work with you on this assignment.

Tony Shadwell

CFO, Accountant, Commercial Director


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in 2 weeks


Just as an observation, your budget appears to be rather low for the level of detail and sensitivity analysis that you are asking for.

I have been in/around the healthcare sector for the past 16 years (mostly primary care clinic). I have recently prepared a detailed 3-clinic model that incorporates a primary care clinic, a preventive & wellness care clinic, and an aesthetic & skincare clinic. These include:
– imaging centre
– pharmacy
– laboratory

Pls note that my $1,000 bid is for a year-by-year model and is only suitable for high level go/no-go decisions. A full detailed model, using the FAST standards of financial modelling would take several weeks, and would cost > $5,000. The detailed model would show monthly (not annual) financial forecasts that include P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements (monthly is important in the early years to ensure that the project has sufficient cash within each year).

The detailed FAST model for healthcare involves looking at the exact room-by-room analysis and determining the capex and equipment required for each room + ongoing opex for each room/function/centre.

Unlike the models created by other modellers, I strive to create models that can be easily updated/adjusted by the end user so you don’t have to pay extra for small changes in the model (I don’t use complicated macros or use named ranges, and each calculation is clearly visible/simplified). My FAST models are also ‘bankable’ (for raising finance) and have been audited by pension funds and private equity companies.

A FAST model is recommended because it ensures no double-up of works performed (i.e. if you just want to prove the concept, you need to pay for a basic high level model. If you need to take it to the next step [e.g. raising finance] then a brand new detailed model needs to be prepared … and this needs to start from scratch).

Kind Regards,

Deepika Aggarwal

Financial modeller


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in 15 days

I am an energetic and enthusiastic individual looking for a role in equity research/investment banking field. Recently I have completed Investment banking certification from The Wall Street School, Delhi. Before that I have qualified CA-Intermediate level. Previously I have worked as Assistant to Managing Partner in my family firm(rice mill) where I was handling all finance related
work. In the past few months I have developed strong financial modelling skills and now wish persue career in the same.

Jason Varner

Financial Modeling & Data Analysis


5 year(s) experience

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in 8 days

I can do everything you have requested except the BS, so P&L and Cash flow as well as any financing assumptions/debt and assumptions with sensitivities for all the inputs of your streams.