Victor ID hotel and development

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Posted on June 27, 2017


Project Desciption

 New build 60 room hotel , want to calculate sources and uses of cash/capital, and then IRR based on multiple assumptions (occupancy/avg room rate, etc).

This is part of a large development that has to be modeled that in cludes an additional 60-80 rental cabins and  approximatley 60 small single familt homes that will be rented/ or sold. So the modeling will include the hotel, cabin rental, apartment rental and an anlysis if rent vs sale for 60 small single family homes.

I need an analyst that has experience with hotel model, real estate development modeling and rental property modeling.



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Manikandan Rajagopal

Financial Modeling Consultant


6 year(s) experience

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in 21 days

Hi Jonathan,


I am Manikandan with 6 years of experience in Financial Modelling and Business Consulting. I have worked across 50+ financial models and detailed feasibility studies across multiple industry verticals and in Healthcare Sector, I have been part of 20+ Financial models for setting up both hospitals and medical centers of different scale in Middle East.

Looking forward to work with you on this assignment.


Tony Shadwell

CFO, Accountant, Commercial Director


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in 2 weeks

I hold a diploma in hotel management, I have audited hotels for 5 years, and I have opened 15 food and beverage outlets over a 15-year period. I am a well-experienced hospitality expert.

I am currently advising on a beachfront villa + hotel complex, that also includes various services such as spa, convenience store, gymnasium, travel concierge … and of course multiple F&B outlets.

Pls note that the $2,000 bid is for a year-by-year model and is only suitable for high level go/no-go decisions. A full detailed model, using the FAST standards of financial modelling would take several weeks, and would cost > $5,000. The detailed model would show monthly (not annual) financial forecasts that include P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements (monthly is important in the early years to ensure that the project has sufficient cash within each year).

Unlike the models created by other modellers, I strive to create models that can be easily updated/adjusted by the end user so you don’t have to pay extra for small changes in the model (I don’t use complicated macros or use named ranges, and each calculation is clearly visible/simplified). My FAST models are also ‘bankable’ (for raising finance) and have been audited by pension funds and private equity companies.

A FAST model is recommended because it ensures no double-up of works performed (i.e. if you just want to prove the concept, you need to pay for a basic high level model. If you need to take it to the next step [e.g. raising finance] then a brand new detailed model needs to be prepared … and this needs to start from scratch).

Kind Regards,

Jason Varner

Financial Modeling & Data Analysis


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in 7 days

I have a lot of experience building real estate models. I would take all your assumptions and the things you have laid out that need modeled and build something from scratch for you.

I am thinking it could take a week, depending on how much back and forth we have.